Myself revealed!

What I was the day when I started(just signing up!) my blog, to what I am now is obviously got to change in an interval of 3 years. I hope its not just the case with me alone right..?
Although I did nothing great in this span, except ending my UG followed by initiation of PG, however it may not be a great thing, but its so for a guy like me.

Just contenting those 3 years within 2 lines, i start on with what I am now.I am Krishna Chaitanya Mamidi and most of my friends do call me Chaitanya, Krishna( which happened only after I came Kerala – before that none used to call me, nevertheless happy about that 😉 ) and I love to be called chaitu – since, it happens very rarely. Enough dragging about my name – mind u it was not done intentionally.

At present pursuing my M.Tech 2nd year from NIT Calicut, Kerala specialized in Computer Science and Engingeering, i think it would be better to write in the branch of CS.

This is in brief about myself, I just restricted to what i am into now ..!
I will try out for some interesting posts in the near future which will be from my own life. May be from the past, present and even some predictions, projections about ma future as well.


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