Couple engaged

My first ever visit for a kerala function, our classmate sister’s engagement party. Must say the trip was cool – better to say adventurous, since we ventured to travel by buses through these ghats. These drivers have really gone crazy I guess. By god’s mercy we were at the church. The function started after a few minutes we arrived and winded up within 10 min. I was happy enough for it, just to have the lunch at the earliest possible 😉 I don’t know whenever I go for a function its a general tendency to feel hungry before the lunch time, for sure its not because I am getting it for free, may be for the dishes probably. To my expectations we had savoury dishes. Nice spicy biryani along with gobi curry for the veggies was a perfect concoct. Even some of us who were non-veggies would have had a real go.

Really, I have gone crazy, not just a word about the duo. Yup! the couple. Not just for mentioning sake, but they were made for each other. In my words just like the combination of ice cream and fruits served at the end of our meal. Sorry for this weird comparison. I can’t help it sorry. I’m a geek foodie. Even though we had plan of visiting Thusharagiri Waterfalls, just 20km ghat from there, had to return back due to the drizzle.

A snap with the couple.

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