Happy teachers day!

I owe a lot to all the teachers who have been responsible for whatever I am today. Its because of them, bowing my head – THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR TEACHERS.
Calling my 10th English teacher Mr.Ramana Shanker (RM) has nevertheless boosted me today, very blissed talking to him, the way he responded, awesome. I would love to present the conversation here. He preferred talking in English, even though I glued on to telugu, indirectly he was forcing me to switch. Atlast I spoke my blah blah english – only reason he was my english teacher just to make him know that, his student knows something – but not nothing. Mind u, not to show off.

So, here it goes .. tring tring ..!

me: Hello, good evening sir.

RM: yes!

me: sir, nenu chaitanya – 2003 batch.

RM: Oh chaitanya, how r u, happy to hear from u.

me: even its my pleasure to talk to u sir.

RM: By the way what are u doing now?

me: sir, doing my M.tech in NIT Calicut in Kerala.

RM: Oh good, then you are right now calling from kerala. This time calling me being away from the state, hope next time you would call me away from the country.

me: (That was a heck of a big thing for me) Being diplomatic I told him – If your blessings are with me, even that might be possible sir.

RM: No need to worry, our blessings will be very much with u.

me: Thank u sir and awaiting to see you in the near future.

RM: Just make up your time to meet me when u come here.

me: Sure sir, definitely.

RM: ok then see you.

me: ok sir, bye.

Felt like sharing it. Even though feeling sorry for other teachers whom I am not able to call. No numbers!

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