Mission Delhi – 1

Last month on oct 12th, my first ever startup to Delhi which kicked off with lot of excitement and ecstasy, but in contrast to any melodrama ended up sadly.


In the split of a second, a huge roar from co-travellers followed by 2 to 3 people jumping out of the 40kmph running train really erupted goose bumps filling fear all along the compartment. I saw my mobile, time was early morning 3.00AM and the train just departed from Mathura(Birth place of Lord Krishna).


On Oct 16th, early morning 4.00AM, the train cruised into the 6th platform of Nizamuddin railway station followed by my brother-in-law(BIL) calling me still at the home. I know about him, its his habit of being late. Not style I guess! Any way by the time he was arriving along with her wife (yes guys u got it right my sister 😉 we were out with our minding boggling luggage number of 25. As we were searching for him with our first ever naive metropolitan looks, the auto drivers chipped in thinking of a big bait to make money.(Of course, they don’t know about me!) Anyways atlast my in-law came in saying a no to everyone except one fortunate autowala who took us to the home charging Rs.90.(No worries, I didn’t bear that amount – :D) Having a look at the early morning widened Delhi roads and early morning joggers(included girls) was nice.

By the time we were physically up after that tiring journey, everyone visited a temple near the home and we preferred going to apartment as by BIL had some final touch up works for the house warming of their new house. We just got onto the roads and the first catchy sight was the apartments on an average 15floors. Their house was in the ninth floor and view from there was fantabulous. Never seen so many apartments at a time, I could see nearly 400 houses from one of the balconies. Really cheers for the planning. He was merely out after catching hold of all the workers and making them work. Atlast managed to be back and having lunch at 5.00PM. The day ended with a visit to an exhibition in the end.

The next day we went to the same old things that a new visitor to Delhi will. So did I. Even, in between I didn’t like the driver and he messed it. It was not that enjoyable for me. That night was the actual function, everything went as expected.

The following morning we planned for Akshardham – this was place I had fun and awful ambiance. Crossing through the peeping vehicles on roads on one side and the flyovers creating turbulence on the other, on top of it being a newbie, atlast managed our way into the Akshardham.

So, will be back again in a new post about the Akshardham and the drastic fearing incident in the train.

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