Mission Delhi – 2

By the time we peeped into the Akshardham making out our way through the bewildering roads, it was around 2:00PM. Nevertheless a decent time to get into after having a meal, that to eatables are strictly banned. We were a bunch of 15. Unfortunately I was the only one in my age group. So, here starts the problem. Everyone roaming out in the way possible in frenzy just unwary about others. I was the only stupid who had to keep track of them. Of course nobody warned me to do so but inherent responsibility stuff used to give sudden jerks subconsciously. Its strange that in my infant stage they used to keep track of me now the case is vice-versa. Yes, its true, Every dog has its day – oops! The dog being me now.

Heard my mom talking to other fellow ladies who were surprisingly in her way making my job a bit easier, that today the rush was less. She was 6 month back visitor to the same place. So a regular commentary from her was pretty obvious. Blissed by the fact that she glued them well intact around her, saw my dad waving his hand irritatedly, I thought he was waving from the past 10 min. He sighed me to drift the herd to his side. Abiding by his word, there comes the actual entrance. The crowd was very less and the moment we got in the line separated on the basis of gender for the security check. I was wondering whats special about the place. Suddenly, saw a guy removing his belt off and purse from his pocket. I was wondering what he would do further. To my utter surprise he stopped. Not just him at lot them as if snake in a snake player’s hand. But I was stubborn enough to remove, but at last had to, after security personnal asked me to. He kept all my belongings on a slider which was going away from me which included my mighty purse. In between he was sensing at all my never expected places. Had a hard time to keep myself in control getting rid of tickling. By the time I was at the exit of the security room my belongings were right there. Assimilating them made my way into the Akshardham. It took nearly half an hour for our security checks.

All of us gathered making our way through the entrance with lush green lawns on both sides all through the path. We entered into a big hall which had a lounge and reception area charming with young girls. Lot of historical facts all along the hall in the form of placards and videos was quite fascinating. Akshardham is Lord Swaminarayana temple. Amazing historical facts embedded in the hall. Its been a relentless effort of 800 people for a decade to build this edifice. The temple is fully astoundingly sculptured to the minutest level possible. Slowly we moved into the main temple involuntarily exercising our neck. The interior was sheer marble stone carved to best of its levels. A big statue of Lord Swaminarayana in fascinating gold colour was in the middle. Paintings depicting his life hammered along the wall by the finest artists. We made our nerve to pull ourselves out from that artistic wonder into the age of Swaminarayana.

Yes! Using the state-of-art technology, Robotics – the whole lord’s life has been presented. The 3 hour show – no! I would say the 3 hour experience was awesome. Even the ticket was worthy enough – Rs. 200. There were some 6 halls I guess, each of them portrays all four stages of lord’s life. Each and every robot moving in sync with the BGM. An eye treat! This journey included a boat journey through the water which takes us through a whole new world, into the era of lord’s. The essence of it is – what ever today’s technology, science, culture, practices, traditions, everything is the relevance of that era. As a silver lining, was the fountain show. We ended up in the home around 9PM after night’s meal outside.

Packed up our luggages for our journey to the south back home. Next night we had train at 11PM. We were at home by 9.30PM, after shopping at Karol bagh followed by a visit to BIL’s office. The time for our journey to the south arrived. Lots of byes being exchanged along with some funds in between. At last out from home into the station before half an hour. The empty train feebly made its way on to the platform. Our coach being S10 had to walk to the tail of the train. Second box from the compartment’s exit. All of us managed to get seats in the same box after a guy vacated the SL upon my request. The moment by BIL gave me the drinks (no doubt! – soft) the train picked up momentum. A sudden scream of bye as final touch, unsure if they would listen, was out in reflex. At last through the window, stretching the neck to its peak tension, piercing myself through the grill saw my BIL, his brother and my sister disappear as soon as the train crept into darkness making their visibility into nano levels.

Unknowing its misfortune, my aunt preferred SU and my mom SL, and rest all in the other half of the box, myself at the Upper. Rewinding myself through the trip, literally I was unable to sleep, but just rolling over the berth. Straight into sleep, very unwary after I browsed through the inbox in my mobile. Suddenly the ticker collector woke me up regarding exchange of seat. The issue sorted out and I slept.

In the split of a second, a sudden roar from co-travellers followed by 2 to 3 people jumping out of the 40kmph running train really erupted goose bumps filling fear all along the compartment. Everyone tumbled out to the door to see what happened. Moreover everyone was drowsy. The people who jumped off were the thieves. One among them was whom we were traveling with. He snatched my aunt’s gold chain and simultaneously other guy of another lady sleeping in the next box closer to the exit. My aunt’s chain was INR 70,000. We were dumb struck that none got the idea of pulling the train chain. The TT after some havoc, peeped in saying its quite common here and none would care about this. The incident took place after 6 hours we got on to the train. The rest 28 hour journey was dejecting and not even a word of talk from my aunt. Felt very sorry for her.



There are some inferences which I felt could be made out of this:

1. The true essence and value of some people, some days or even materialistic things can be known only after they leave us.
2. Of course I ended up without minimum timing sense.(At least not even pulling the chain – mind u not the gold chain – hope u(the unfortunate reader) didn’t loose the timing.) 😛


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