Thusharagiri !

A trip to Thusharagiri waterfalls, the day post Christmas. 30 kilometer travel from the college. Underestimated its beauty, may be because its close. But its an amazing place way far beyond my expectations. Here goes the flow of snaps all along the way.

After a mind boggling lunch order by my friends followed by the first snap as soon as we got in after paying for our ticket.

Friendship chain 🙂 on the edge.

A weird tree along the way. Stunning issue was we could go in! Void filling the trunk but its got phenomenal strength.
Now on our way while trekking. We walked, nope! climbed, for about 2 hrs in the strangest ways possible. Of course only few were able to reach the top, of course it was just not the top, but there was lot more to go – couldn’t dare enough due to time constraints.

This was the top, I mean the one we were
fortunate to reach. Very cool ambiance. Our return journey down hill didn’t take much of a time but was the toughest part ! But a bath in the down waters following made me feel elated.
On a whole the journey was … /hmm =D>

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