I tick!

Yes, I’m invisible, but they say I tick, they say I’m running away, they say I’m out. But, I don’t think I exist in the literal sense. Just like any other consensual agreement between humans like money, religion, country, caste and all, even I’m an imaginary existence. Moreover, I would credit my existence to physics as well.

I’m blamed for not stopping. How funny! Of course they don’t retaliate on me directly, but they say like “strange that days are passing by just like that“. Ah! literally. I just work at my own pace peacefully. But, humans, instead of managing the concoction of thoughts, behavior, moods or whatever, find the trap door to put it on non-existential and non-responding thing, me.

Everything said, there are ones who respect and fear me. I don’t know why they fear, may be because I’m always running. At the end of the day, I’m your creation. Chill 🙂

On a serious note, I’m not against these imaginary formations. These are undoubtedly there for simplifying and managing human existence to a certain extent. But, one pattern I observe is, humans turn foe to their own creations out of not being able to manage them. They say money is the root to all misery. Religion is root to the creation of conflicting identities. Countries for the creation of borders or and division. It is high time humans rise above and not be slaves to these fictitious models.

Oh yeah! I will continue with my work.

Tick! Tick! Tick!…

PS: Funny take on what would time talk!

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