Nature’s injustice?

From a theoretical physics view point, Big-Bang is at the one end of the timeline and other end is now, which is ever expanding. This very moment as you read, the Universe has expanded unimaginably into the void. The energy generated from the infinitesimally dense point is still alive. Humungous isn’t it!

All along this expansion, the energy and matter have been the source of whatever is in existence today. The birth of life enroute is revolutionary and this changed the plan of Big-Bang if it had any. This very life with its randomized mutations combined with zillion iterations has resulted into the human we are.

In comparison to the vastness of the Universe we are not even close to the speck. No doubt a fraction of it. With this state of things, do we say the Universe did injustice to our existence? Physically, it might have, if one tilts towards quantity. But from an intangible mental standpoint, I believe it has not. It(*) inherently has equipped every human with an incredible super power which one just needs to tap into. It is like an Engine, with you in the driver’s seat which can make your life’s drive interesting. Even though the power is generated by the Engine, the control entirely lies with you, the driver.

Everyone has that Engine. But, it is on us, if we want the Engine to perform like an Auto or Bugatti. Any guesses on what is the Engine I’m referring to? Just hook on for a while!

Continuing with the analogy, this driver picks up passengers in the form of knowledge, thoughts, assumptions, notions, habits, behaviour which kind of makes up who you are the IDENTITY. This act of picking up is LEARNING.

On the contrary, when the time arrives these passengers will be dropped or rather abandoned may be to create room for new arrivals or at times intentionally to create emptiness. This is nothing but UNLEARNING.

So, in life what you should learn or unlearn is ones choice. Basically, what you are is your own creation. The beautiful thing is the control is always with you, for any change you wish to kick in. You, my dear driver, just switch the gear and the Engine will take care.

Without further ado the Engine is the CURIOSITY 🙂

This is what I believe, the nature(*) has bestowed on every one of us, this incredible super power, the Bugatti kind of Engine. The onus is on us to realize this and capitalize on its full potential. If not, in spite of having the sophisticated machinery, it would perform like an Auto’s Engine.

Blaming it on Nature is like doing injustice to ourselves. Think on! What do you say?

(*) – I stated it as Nature, for some its God, Supreme force, The Creator, whatever you feel is the reason for our existence.

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