Abstracted reality!

Universally, everything we perceive, tangible or intangible is an Abstracted reality. I believe, literally everything. It is a super set comprising inanimate and even the animate So, what do I mean by Abstracted reality?

For instance, right now I see a pen right before me. Just to put things in perspective let us see what all components created in a certain way make up this pen. At the very core is the blue ink, which is actually liquid/viscous wrapped in a mill metered thin plastic casing. The gravity lets the ink flow through the tip, which makes writing feasible. At the same moment, if we turn the refill upside down, the ink should not flow out. Tricky! This refill is designed to be detachable letting the transparent plastic shielding to be reusable. Yeah, we have some marketing in action on the shielding as well. The provision to remove or insert the refill is at the tip which rotates anti-clockwise and clockwise respectively. To safeguard the tip there is cap. Once the cap is placed properly, a sound (sounding tick) pops up, indicating its grooved in and won’t fall. Mind you this is just one kind of pen. There are different variants!

Are you wondering if this post is about making of pens ๐Ÿ˜€ Not really.

The point I’m trying to arrive at is, just a simple pen has this complexity involved. But, this complexity is phased out and a simple accessible way to use a pen is provided. General actions are write, keep/remove the cap and refill.

This will be much evident if you extend this to unimaginably complex things. Like a car, so much science and technology at play, but with a little training anyone can drive. This complexity is abstracted into simple operations. Turn on the engine, switch the gear, to steer. If we stretch out further into computers, this post won’t suffice. Right from the code to the very hardware design, abstraction is in action. Abstraction aims at providing trivial operations to handle complexity. Much said about inanimate stuff. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how it pans out in the animate, humans.

Consider yourself now. Let us assume you are trying out some work for the very first or have started to learn. Something like driving a car, you initially go through a phase of discomfort. In the book “Think fast and slow”, the author says that the body goes through exertions like, rise in heart beat, sweating out unconscious change in facial expressions. During this phase the neurons in the brain are in learning stage. If the same action like driving car in this case, is repeated enough number of items, it feels like if driving is in your DNA. So, essentially what happens is due to the repetitions, your brain and body kind of get an intuitive sense of what all rudimentary things go into driving and rule out the grey areas, the complexities. Over time you can even multitask while driving. There you have abstraction!

To spice it up further, let us add more than one individual now. Just assume that you have to meet a stranger. You meet, greet and you are restless to get handles/cues into what/who they are. These handles/cues take the form of similarities, dissimilarities, beliefs, region they belong to, habits, hobbies, the list just goes on. To clarify this point further just assume, you have been abroad for the first time. Right after you have landed and boarded the cab, you have realized the driver is from your country. Just this handle kind of simplifies the entire equation, you feel connected and start forming opinions. By the way, this happened with me ๐Ÿ™‚

Overtime, if you have the conversations repetitively, you develop enough handles/cues in the form of intuition, that just by seeing face or hearing voice you kind of tell their state of mind. Dint you ever feel the chill on your back, even when there is just silence over call with the other side being your wife? ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, the reality we see is abstracted, at least I believe so. Inherently, there is a level of ambiguity underneath. Lets not abhor from peeping into that. You never know what that abstractness has to offer. Don’t you dare forget, you have your roots in the chaos!

What do you say?

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