You polymorph!

An artist might point this as a great or bad design. If my mom sees, she might say, lets clean this up :). Same thing, but different opinions.

Yes, I’m talking to you. Mind you, I don’t mean to offend you. I just wanted to put across my point emphatically, so that it gets registered. I believe, you are one. Before you retaliate, I’m one too.

Polymorph, simply means multiple forms. This concept is not alien and exists across different domains. This is termed as Polymorphism. Domains is the last thing one should point to. This polymorphic activity plays out across the most prime elements like the fire, water, air, earth and space. Haven’t you seen the colour of fire change depending on chemical composition? Fresh water is drinkable, do you think you can drink salt water? At least on television one should have seen windspeeds flying away houses, at the least you should have felt wind speed change. As fictitious as it may sound, but the very rotational speed of earth changes due to the presence of planetary objects. When it comes to space, it is just not the same every moment. All the above examples are pointing to the fact that these basic elements are not the same when the context around them changes.

This property is what flows down to the subsequent creations, humans and from them to the different domains like Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Software, Hardware design, Fashion, Human Psychology the list just goes on. This concept need not exist with the same term, but the idea I believe truly lives on. Just to clarify.

In Biology, there do exist polymorphic organisms called as Phenotypes. A single species has different forms. In Chemistry, water does exist in different forms depending on the context applied. In hardware, haven’t we seen things serving multiple functions. Something like convertibles. In Fashion industry, just the same piece of cloth can be worn in different ways.

This very thing holds true for humans as well. At least when I’m playing with my son, I tend to behave like a child. But, when it comes to professional set up like office, I’m not the same. So, context has paramount significance. I believe having this idea in our arsenal will help us not be or at the least be less judgemental and conclusive.

Hey! I see change in you! I’m wondering if this post has been the context for you to behave differently. Let me know your emotion, either good or bad. 🙂

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