The Triad

Profession, passion and career is the triad being referred to and my take on how they related. A schematic representation of the same is presented below. Prior to getting into the career aspect, let us touch upon two sibling terms. Profession and Passion.


Any work which you do and are paid for the value add, is Profession. Any work which you like doing, but not necessarily paid for, is Passion. On the contrary, if you are being paid for that, great. You have hit the bulls eye!

So, what is career? To put things in perspective, the question ought to be asked is, if one wants to pick ones profession or passion as their career. As in, if one wants to pursue it further to ascend up the ladder. The chosen field pursued over a period of time, turns out to be your career. It is a long term endeavor.

In reference to image (a), there is a divide between passion and profession. I consider that to be the intention which separates the two. Over the time horizon, if the annihilation of the gap is intentional, passion is the one which stands out (b), if not profession is what remains (c).

(b) and (c)

When it comes to career, there is no hard and fast rule to arrive at one. The most important thing I believe is, if the career is forming out to be conscious choice or it is just taking shape without ones consent.

Here, I see three categories of people in regards to how career happens. The ones who just happen to start work (could be by choice or by the environment one is in) which is at their disposal, and with sheer perseverance acquire skills, master it and become specialized. Essentially they fall in love with what they do and it becomes their career. Taking reference to image (a), this category start a work as profession/passion and the drive they show makes them arrive at image (b).

The other set endure through trying out different things. Key thing is they get to know what is that they love doing and turn that into career. Taking reference to image (a), they juggle between profession and passion across different works/jobs. Again the drive is what does the magic. They let the overlap happen as shown in image (b). These two categories make their career consciously and are in control of it.

The last category, I feel is the biggest chunk where individuals slog through their profession. Few might think of passion and excellence. But, unfortunately the magic happens not on thoughts but only on actions. I visualize this to be image (c). For them, the career just happens unconsciously.

I believe there is nothing wrong in picking a profession which is not your passion, as long as one is ok and not getting into the spiral of blame game. In this case, the career could be a conscious choice.

I’m no one to judge that passion out weights profession. I believe, in the moment the difference might seem negligible, but in the long run it is the deal breaker. The difference is so subtle like these two statements, “Are you eating to live? or living to eat?”. I hope you get it.

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