Is feeling and emotion same?

This write up is based on my understanding and please feel free to correct it.

Feeling is an event which gets registered consciously by the brain, and emotion is what ensues. What do I mean?

Let us say, you hold a hot cup, the skin senses the touch and the brain interprets this as heat. This is feeling and I believe this to be a conscious act. How? It is very well possible that an ant is crawling on your back or leg and you don’t even recognize the sensation. So, I think feeling should be a conscious act.

If the cup is too hot, now you feel the pain. So, is pain an emotion? I do not think so, at least in this context. One deduction I can think of is, emotion need not be the essential outcome of feeling. Then what is emotion?

Assume you are seeing a blind person walking down the lane with a stick and trying to cross the road. Essentially, your eyes receive and transmit this detail via optic nerve to the brain. Till this point, you have registered the entire scene. Now, depending on the kind of person you are, you might become sad, kind, angry or even happy, thinking like you got an opportunity to help someone. These are emotions for me. How?

When you are seeing the blind person, the scene is being perceived as is in the brain and I believe this all to be happening at the physical level. As you are seeing, there is a little shift within internally, not sure what it is, may be the brain is releasing some chemicals not sure, but something changes your mood to be sad, kind, angry or happy. These are emotions is what I believe. This for me does not seem to be happening at the physical level. It is playing out within you, based on the input available.

In the earlier cup example as well, if the cup is too hot even then the pain for me seems to be happening at the physical level. I cannot visualize anything ticking within. One distinction, I can deduce is, feeling plays out at the physical level and emotion plays out within. It might ensue, when something within triggers. Just hugging by son does shift something within for me. I believe it is love for me. I hope, I was able to justify.

If we extend it further, the emotions actually reinforce your feeling. What do I mean here. Basically, it strengthens your feeling. Here is where the concoction of any similar instances or experiences happen and you get into the infinite loop of feeling and emotion. This is when you are termed emotional.

So how to stop being emotional. I think, just the cut the input which is arousing your emotions in the first place.

Before I become the reason for the emotions erupting in you, I would love to sign off. 😀

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