AI cook up!

The onset of Generative AI has no doubt sped up AI progression, which needless to say is unprecedented. A slew of AI tools have made its way to the forefront and the level of automation these bring on to the table is worth to be mentioned. This surge in tooling, even though in its infancy, is set on result in wide range of opportunities and possibilities, irrespective of one being trained or untrained.

This is a predictive take at what Generative AI models concocted with other technologies to peek into the future possibilities of a popular domain, Media and Entertainment industry. Let us take a look at a potential trajectory.

The current state of Generative AI is headed in the direction to automate the creation of all the digital assets, but just bounded by our abilities to put in our ideas to text, which are being called as Prompts. Some of the capabilities of these models.

  1. Reply back to our queries in text. Examples, ChatGPT, Bard.
  2. Creates images based on our description. Examples, DallE2.
  3. Creates videos based on our description. Examples, MakeAVideo, its in a very early stage right now. Essentially, the image generated out of the description is used to learn the surroundings, which is extrapolated through some transformations to a video.
  4. Choose from an existing set of avatars or create an avatar based on the description which will read out the script. Examples, Synthesia, d-id, AIImages.
  5. Tools like Boomy make the audio generation possible.

These tools are right now at a very early stage but the use cases very capable. With time, the improvement in these technologies in inevitable.

Let’s cook it up by thinking a notch further, let us say just based on a story out of your head, a full-fledged video could be created? Need not be production cut, but just the avatars, interactions between them, each avatars narrating their dialogues, a movie seems a possibility. Just a story from your imagination, then to text could generate a video in future. Quite feasible, isn’t it.

On the movie front, the protagonists could be some avatars created out of your imaginations or they possibly could be real actors from the entertainment industry without their actual presence. How about the actors owning their digital avatars via the NFT marketplace which could be rented out. Feasible!

If tools like Neuralink, if they make it up to the arena, the thoughts itself might manifest into videos. You imagination, dreams might result in a concrete visualization. By the time you are awake it could be a top grosser on the charts. As crazy as it can get it.

Just a single individual’s thoughts and ideas might result in commercial movies. Kind of one-man or one-woman production house.

Possibilities seems endless and at the same time scary.

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